1. What is the monthly association fee and what does it include?
    The monthly association fee is $115.00 and covers the expense of the grounds maintenance on each lot and the common areas. This includes landscaping, mowing, plowing, shoveling up to each doorstep, sanding, the irrigation system, and the Club House and its amenities.
  2. What is the Club House and what amenities does it have?
    The Club House is 1800 sq ft. and includes 20 roof mount solar panels which helps offset the heating and cooling costs of the clubhouse. Here, residents can stay both socially and physically active. Within the Club House, residents pick-up their daily mail from the mailbox clusters and can enjoy the full kitchen, the gas fireplace, the flat-screen TV, the library and a multi-purpose area for cards, crafts, and related activities. Located in the lower level, is the state-of-the art fitness center offering cardiovascular, weight and strength-training equipment, where residents can work-out alone or in group classes. The Club House is available for the residents to host gatherings, parties or special events.
  3. What are the taxes?
    $2050 +/- per year for the A Street homes
    $2650 +/- per year for the B Street homes
  4. Is there additional garage and storage units available to rent?
    Yes, the garage and storage units are rented on an annual basis. The garage space is 12 x 22 and is $1800 per year and the storage unit is 10 x 10 and is $900 per year.
  5. How many homes will there be in the community?
    There will be a total of 52 homes which will consist of 5 streets: A, B, C, D and E Street.
  6. When will the community be finished?
    The date of completion for the community is demand driven and is based upon sales.
  7. Is this a Condo?
    No, this is not a Condo. This is a Homeowners Association and each homeowner owns their land and home, and is responsible for the inside and exterior structure of their home.
  8. What is the Water and Septic supply?
    The water is town/public. Each homeowner has their own water meter and is responsible for paying their water bill, due quarterly to the town. The septic system is private. Each home has their own 1000 gallon septic tank and share a common leach field.
  9. How long does it take to build a new home?
    Depending on the size, 3-4 months from start to finish.
  10. Can those younger then 55 stay over/visit?
    Yes, guests under the age of 55 can stay no longer then 21 consecutive days.
  11. What is the internet and phone provider?
    High speed internet and cable is provided by Time Warner Cable. Satellite dishes are prohibited.
  12. Can I add an alternative heat source besides the air/heat pumps and electric baseboards?
    Yes, you can add any source that is directly vented through the exterior wall.
  13. What homes have been sold?
    All of the homes on A and B Street have been sold. Currently, we have 5 homes sold on C Street.
  14. What is available to purchase?
    There are 5 lots still available for purchase on C Street. Visit the Site Plan here 
  15.  How big are the homes on A Street?
    The homes on A Street range from 610-640 sq ft. and are on a slab. They also have detached garage and storage space available for rent.
  16. How big are the homes on B Street?
    The homes on B Street range from 700-924 sq ft. and also have an attached 1 car garage. Some of the homes are on a slab and others have a basement that can be finished off for additional square footage.
  17. How big are the homes on C Street?
    The homes on C Street range from 924-1800 sq ft.  and also have an attached 1 car garage. Some of the homes are on a slab and others have a basement that can be finished off for additional square footage.
  18. Will the homes on the next street be bigger?
    The size of the homes will be based on the demand.


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